Marquee Hire

Before we finally quote for the hire of a marquee we insist on a site visit to make sure the event location is suitable in terms of access, level ground, obstructions and big enough to take the required size of marquee. We will have given you an idea of cost based on numbers, seating arrangements and ancillary equipment and space, but we cannot finalise requirements and costs until we've satisfied ourselves that what you've asked for will work in your venue.

Marquee Hire

The marquees we hire out are the more expensive German designed Walter Multiform type. Like most things German they are over-engineered and very durable. They lock together with special self-locking pins that help ensure that the erected enclosure is as rigid as possible. No shaking, rattling, or rolling - except on the dance floor! And they don't leak.

Our marquees come complete with linings, such as black starlight, swags, and drapes and carpets in a range of colours. Dance floors in black and white with edging, parquet flooring with edging or phenlock with edging are available to hire. See the brochure for details and costs.

We can and do link marquees to a house or other building, but the join is hard to completely seal against water leakage. Don't believe any company that says they can guarantee no leaks!

By linking together 'bays' of marquee space we can set up a combined marquee that will seat a maximum of 150 seated or 200 for a buffet evening.The modular nature of the marquee bays and the services units we hire out means that we can tailor our marquees to exactly fit your needs. Make sure you involve us early in your planning process.

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